Libby Fisher | Professional Freelance Web Developer and Contract ProgrammerI am an experienced  freelance web developer and contract programmer currently based near Boston, MA.

I design and build websites for businesses and organizations all over the U.S. as well as in several different countries. I am passionate about developing websites that are both beautiful and intuitive, I believe the most effective websites utilize the synergy between aesthetic appeal and usability/intuitiveness.

I maintain a coding blog at I started the blog simply as a way to save snippets of code for future use and it has since grown into a useful resource for other developers looking for coding tips and snippets. I accept a limited amount of work through the blog and put 100% of those proceeds towards two causes that are personally important to me: sponsoring an 11-year-old boy named Harrison in Kenya and supporting the work of and my involvement with Code For Haiti, an organization which I co-founded in 2015.

Founded in 2015, Code for Haiti is a ​growing ​network of Haitian web developers, programmers, and other technologists​ passionate about applying their knowledge, skills, and resources towards the improvement of local communities in Haiti.

Code for Haiti aims to find, create and utilize opportunities to leverage technology for the​​ advantage of society in Haiti​. This is accomplished by​ organizing and​ hosting conferences,​​ seminars, and hackathon events; partnering and collaborating with local individuals, businesses, and organizations to build and develop innovative technical solutions to local problems; and other ventures aimed to leverage technology for the ​benefit of the people and communities of Haiti.

Meet Harrison

harrison_headshotI began sponsoring Harrison in 2011. He is 13 years old and lives in Kenya with his parents and 4 older sisters. His favorite school subject is math (a boy after my own heart!) and he loves playing “football” (soccer) and also enjoys helping his mother around the house. He has had a pet rabbit named “Potter” the whole time I have known him and who I am told now has two babies. While it is a blessing for me to be able to help sponsor his education and the needs that accompany that (uniforms, books, etc.), the part that is most rewarding to me is the relationship that I have been able to strike up with him. I hope and plan to go to Kenya and visit him before he graduates out of the program.